RNN Descriptions

I maintain a poorly trained, semi-wild recurrent neural network to act as inspiration for this artwork. This RNN has been fed descriptions of thousands of artworks and is then run through multiple output cycles and re-trained on its own output. Only the freshest, most absurd artifacts are kept for the next round of training. The result of this process is a neural network that will generate artwork descriptions that are interpreted here.

Additionally, Thorin Klosowski and I have an ongoing collaboration wherein he writes stories based on descriptions from the RNN and I sometimes interpret those into artwork. He has written an excellent FAQ that does a much better job of describing what this is and how it works here. And subscribe to the newsletter here!
# Name Epoch Artworks
1 wood base covered with bats 1
2 buildings and flowers in background 1
3 group of standing figures walking on a large rock 1
4 bust length portrait of three men on the pointed glass bridge 1
5 mountains behind stripes 1
6 portrait of a woman holding right shoulder 1
7 concentric patterns of gold blossoms 1
8 several protrusions on a body 1
9 gold clouds and carved rainbows 1
10 figure kneeling toward right 1
11 Solid star with long leaves of printed meat 1
12 two figures behind black and white glass cylinders 1
13 black and white photo of child with a bird 1
14 paper waves at center facing the form of Three Gold men 1
15 Buddhist soldiers and man wearing diamonds at left 1
16 black sky with arched underside 1
17 stylized sketches of three figures at right 1
18 view of miner's head with blue tree in front 1
19 man with snake in background 1
20 two panels wrapped with figures and a brown paper man wearing solid cloak with moon and large pink clouds 1
21 man at right, twelve boys in background 1
22 three leaves with stripes and dunes at center 1
23 rock man with hat 1
24 multicolored sticker covered with glaze 1
25 four seated men in background 1
26 standing figure on wall at right, four boats in distance 1
27 figure lying on a tree against blue, brown and tan leaves 1
28 children riding a whale man 1
29 standing woman opens a dark colored seal 1
30 man dances with tripod 1
31 small figure of man without hands flying at viewer 1
32 Cherub (splatter body included) 1
33 figure seated with blanket at right 1
34 another boat carrying a very small book 1
35 crescent metal image of woman 1
36 second cherry building with a small inscription of green decorations, incised symbols and lines 1
37 dog looking at mountains in background 1
38 black hair and golden drapery, traces of red pigment on mouth 1
39 two standing dragons, a spindly dog seated on a crown 1
40 two figures at right with rounded head, balloon of twisted wire 1
41 Scattered gourds and bare figures 1
42 spires in foreground 1
43 a figure with bracelet and two men seated in upper left corner with birds 1
44 three women walking in boats 1
45 man looking at symbol on arch 1
46 two partial cones of peacocks with a cardboard boy at right 1
47 brown stripes with black clouds 1
48 seated woman holds picture of a man 1
49 man in background at right with rocky landscape 1
50 buildings and animal stand on opposite banks 1
51 two small boats in background 1
52 carved, pearl outline of buildings and faces on shore in lower left corner 1
53 mountains in background over a window to a city 1
54 figure in lower left corner wearing a striped hair pin 1
55 many spheres and girl with a dragon 1
56 tall frog looking out at viewer 1
57 standing donkey with stone lines on a hill and sea at the bottom 1
58 man standing on a cracked bridge 1
59 four men looking at a monk with crown 1
60 old woman wearing white wood horns 1
61 crown of hands with image of calligraphy on bottom 1
62 three rows of figures at left 1
63 blossoming landscape with six people 1
64 drawing of woman's head with tan hat 1
65 bust length portrait of a man wearing tails 1
66 black and white photo of this double horse 1
67 water structure with mountains in background 1
68 Stylized buildings at right 1
69 people kneeling with painted horizontal lines on front in grape 1
70 crown, trees and city in background 1
71 man seated at right behind a snake form of first man 1
72 a woman on both sides of mustache 1
73 blurry trees at right side 1
74 standing man with a gold mountain 1
75 one long panel of stones 1
76 two lines of standing men 1
77 large circle of teeth with bats and rocks 1
78 cat with flat hands and comb 1
79 woman seated on hill with figures in background 1
80 gold colored robe with flowering around center 1
81 torso of man on rocky bank 1
82 standing figure with gold flower on ground 1
83 several women walking 1
84 bird dominates tall people with hands crossed 1
85 man on horse at lower right center and spheres in distance 1 1
86 straight jagged teeth in front and hair on its back 1
87 red building with brown stripes 1
88 man wears bushes as feet 1
89 bird walking a woman at center 1
90 four figures behind large dots 1
91 children seated in a book 1
92 bridge and boats on a rooster at left 1
93 black and white photo of man wearing large clouds 1
94 open body with two small scholars inside 1
95 black and white bird in background with two decorative mouths 1
96 radiating sleeves in background 1
97 triangular container with small gold boy 1
98 two birds are held from each other in lower right corner 1
99 purple background with flowing black and white pants 1
100 a man looking left at a white diamond 1