That's right! You've become an irresponsible parent racing against time trying to fill your shopping list! Gather mustaches, hamburgers, cheese and Product™ before the temperature reaches 120 degrees!!! What does it all mean?!?! We don't know! But it sure is entertaining! With every level the initial temperature gets higher and your shopping list gets longer. Collect mustaches and use Mojiferous Industries' Patented Mustache Manager to upgrade your character's facial hair! All of this while enjoying the glorious black and white!


Heat Stroke is a strange little game, based around the idea that you have left your baby/pet in a locked car on a hot day and you have to go shopping before they die from heat stroke. This involves a race against the clock (in the form of a thermometer), while you try to gather products - the only problem is that there are other customers trying to buy the same products. Products are represented by icons (hamburgers, cheese, a mustache, and Product) and are only present on the game board one at a time. There are currently 8 other customers, who will stop you for a few seconds if they come into contact with your character. You score "points" in Heat Stroke by collecting mustaches- allowing you to access the Mustache Manager, where you can upgrade your character's facial hair and add features like monocles, top hats, eye patches and the like. Disclaimer: Obviously, we do not condone locking either your children or your pets in a car on a hot day (or any day for that matter) take your kids with you, leave your pets at home… If they can't come in the store, don't take them along!)


2015 Update: Other than poor graphics and boring gameplay, Heatstroke still works, but I think you have to hit escape at the incredibly tiny into movie screen (the size of said screen on my retina screen is definitely absurd.) 

Glorious Black & White
Test Tube Excitement!
Mustache Manger 1.0
Universal Binary (is that a feature?)
Horrifyingly obtuse gameplay!!